Interviews with e-commerce entrepreneurs and mentors, e-commerce events at our studio and industry tips from an expert panel.

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Upcoming events May/June 2024


Mastering Online Success for Offline Craftsmanship

Talk by Stefan Bussels, Marketing Manager at Café Costume

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Strategic Design Approaches for E-commerce Excellence

Talk by Tessa Persoons & Lauwri De Pater, Founders at Lobster Design

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Upcoming events June/July 2024


Marketing Strategy Essentials for E-commerce Growth Success

Talk by Valerie Koltsidas, Marketing Strategist at Studio Calypso

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Shopify vs WooCommerce: Exploring the Pros and Cons

Talk by Steven Maes, Founder, Creative Director at Studio Calypso

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Upcoming events September 2024


Visual Excellence: Graphic Web Design in E-commerce

Talk by Jade Janssen, Founder at See You In Spring agency

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Driving E-commerce Growth: Essential Marketing Strategies for Success

Talk by Valerie Koltsidas, Marketing Strategist at Studio Calypso

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Upcoming events Oktober 2024


Unleashing Potential: Social Media Success Strategies for E-commerce

Talk by Charlotte Van Heurck, Social Media Strategist at Studio Calyspo

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Unlocking Success: Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp Email Marketing Showdown

Talk by Nathan Boost, Digital Strategist at Studio Calypso

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