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Webshop by Studio Calypso

The structure of each page includes 1 to 3 sections. A section is defined by starting a new title, a divider or an alternating background colour. Each section includes up to 4 single elements or 1 multi element. Examples of a single element can be: a heading for title, heading for subtitle with different formatting, paragraph text block, single media image, single media video, single media audio. Examples of a multi element can be: posts feed for products, portfolio or blog showing a list of thumbnails, media gallery, raw html/javascript embed code.

If you would like to have more sections built, this is possible and we will discuss together, based on your design request, which factor will increase the page price.

Yes, it is possible to supply your own design in Photoshop, Indesign, Sketch, Figma or XD. The price per page depends on the possibility of developing the page with a page builder and the amount of CSS code that may need to be added to convert the design into development.

No, it's not possible to do this yourself, but we're happy to help you add extra functionality and search for a suitable solution. Because we do the security and maintenance of your plugins every week for free and give a free backup recovery on this maintenance, it's standard only possible to work with our selection of 25 Popeye verified plugins. If you want to add extra functionality that we don't offer by default, your project manager will be happy to help you find a suitable solution in the form of custom code or a new Popeye verified plugin that meets your needs.

The delivery for revision is when you first see the website after the design has been discussed. After this, you will have 90 minutes to make minor adjustments and after these revisions are done, you will be invited to a video training with your project manager followed by an unlimited Q&A moment. Depending on how much time you need to add things like products or blog posts yourself after this, your website can be online every Saturday following this, provided that the transfer of your domain name has already been completed and all outstanding invoices have been paid.

After the project is delivered, you will be given the opportunity to make minor revisions for another 90 minutes. After these revisions have been made and the final invoice has been paid, you will receive the login details to make changes yourself.

For each milestone, a meeting is scheduled Mon-Fri between 10:00 and 18:00. Below is an overview of the milestones per week number:

W01: introductory meeting with project manager and graphic designer
W03: presentation of style proposal
W04: delivery graphic revision 1 (ideally on Thursday if revisions are submitted on Monday)
W05: delivery graphic revision 2 (ideally on Thursday if revisions are submitted on Monday)
W09: delivery for revision
W11: delivery technical revision + training

In order to involve you as a client as much as possible, 4 other video meetings are organised in addition to the technical delivery and training: introductory meeting, style proposal, delivery graphic revision 1+2, delivery technical revision

In order to support you as a customer to the fullest, you will receive video training with our knowledge base documentation as your guide during the technical revision. If you still have questions, you will receive 30 days of free support in addition to the training to ask questions free of charge. More information on what exactly is included in this support can be found below.

The free support is designed to complement the training and to allow you to ask questions about managing your site, shop, products and orders for another 30 days free of charge. It includes support on changing and adding text, photos, products and media galleries for elements created by one of our employees.

Support on pagebuilder functionalities that were not used by one of our employees when creating your project. Support on adding new structures or elements that differ from the delivered project. Making global adjustments in the theme options. The cost per working hour for support is €75. The cost per working hour for development is €150.

With every new installation of a paid plugin or with every new shop/site/folio you get a 365 days warranty on repairs that would need to be done in case of a conflict in the code of wordpress/woocommerce/theme/plugins installed by Peace of cake Agency.

If you or someone on your team makes changes to the installation that could cause it to be repaired, such as adding code snippets or plugins yourself, the warranty will become void.

To start the project, a 40% advance payment is requested, for which you will receive an invoice together with your start-up documents and planning proposal. The remaining amount is invoiced upon delivery for revision. After the outstanding balance is paid, a training session is scheduled and the migration to production environment can be started at a date of your preference. This can be scheduled every week until Wednesday for the following Saturday.

If you want to have some quick adjustments done, you can choose the rate work hours in direction. In this rate working hours are charged per 15 minutes started. This rate is €88 per working hour for project management and firstline development (pagebuilding + low end CSS) and €155 per working hour for secondline development (high end CSS & PHP). This way you can get started faster and if you bundle the work and the communication efficiently you pay less than a quote that includes a percentage of risk.

+ free weekly maintenance + 365 days free repair guarantee

Yes, this is possible. Wordpress is an open source platform and it is possible to move your Wordpress/Woocommerce installation to another hosting provider. What can't be moved is your Popeye essential plugin bundle and any additional Popeye verified plugins you can have installed to extend the basic functionality of your essential plugin bundle. To start the move we can convert your website from limited admin access to classic admin access from a Popeye WordPress installation to a classic WordPress installation by removing the Popeye plugins. There's a one-time fee of €250 to do this conversion, this will be delivered to an alternative address ending in .popeye.cloud and available for 30 days so you'll have enough time to find an alternative for the removed Popeye plugins.

+ akismet (popeye antispam plugin)
+ wprocket (popeye performance plugin)
+ defender pro (popeye security plugin)
+ smartcrawl (popeye seo plugin)
+ smush (popeye seo image related google recommendations)