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Driving performance and growth. From general strategic advice to fully managed solutions for Google, Instagram & Facebook Advertising

Webshop by Studio Calypso

No matter how big or small a brand is, you need a smart digital strategy through paid and organic channels to drive traffic growth on your site.

As a Google, Instagram and Facebook business partner, we have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can make the most of it for you and your business.

Instagram/Facebook Advertising and Shopping

Extend the reach of your shoppable posts by using product tagging ads. You can set them up in Ad Management or boost existing shoppable posts on Instagram. Product tags allow you to highlight items from your catalogue directly in your images and videos, so people can easily tap in and find out more.

The advertising campaign we prepare is built around 1 Instagram/Facebook post or story that we create together. For this post/story, we prepare different campaigns that serve the purpose of optimising engagement, traffic and/or brand awareness. The number of targets is measured against the target and click budget required for minimum visibility. For each of the maximum 3 campaigns, 3 derivative versions are created that we apply to 3 different target groups. The first target group consists of cold leads that have never been in contact with your site or social media and is selected based on interest, demographics and age. The second target group consists of retargeted leads who have previously interacted with your site or social media. The third and final derived target group is a Look A Like (LAL) target group that is controlled by the Facebook/Instagram algorithm based on the collected information from the second target group or profiles that have already been in contact with your social media profile or website. It is possible to help the algorithm with the 3rd target group by having it import a list of email addresses

Google Shopping

If you own an online shop, you can use Google Shopping campaigns to promote your online and in-store inventory, generate more traffic to your website or local shop and find better qualified leads. To get started, we'll submit your product data through Google Merchant Center and create your campaigns in Google Ads. We then use your campaign to create ads on Google and across the web where potential customers can see what you're selling.

Advertising via Google Ads (SEA)

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers bid to display short advertisements, service offers, product mentions or videos to Internet users. It can place ads in the results of search engines such as Google Search as well as on non-search websites, mobile apps and videos.

Boosting organic search results (SEO)

Unlike SEA, you do not pay a cost per click for SEO, but the disadvantage is that it can take 3 to 6 months before your website is shown on a relevant place in the organic search results for predefined keywords. Search Engine Optimization or SEO never stands still, changes in the algorithm and the increasing importance of mobile are just a few new factors that we carefully take into account when defining your strategy.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Paid search results or organic search results. The difference in finance is in the cost per click but in terms of results they have little difference. It is best to use a combination of the two, depending on your budget. The total package that includes SEA and SEO is called SEM. Search Engine Marketing starts with extensive keyword research and competitor insights to create targeted campaigns that place their products and services in front of a target audience.


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