Thursday May 30th 2024 from 19:00 till 21:00

E-commerce talkby Stefan Bussels

Join us for an e-commerce community evening at Studio Calypso in Paardenmarkt 20, 2000 Antwerp. Read more about the talk below. This is a free event. Due to limited capacity your invite needs approval.

A talk by Stefan Bussels, Marketing Manager at Café Costume

What is Stefan's talk about?

Join us for an enlightening after-work event where Stefan Bussels, marketing manager at Café Costume discusses excelling in e-commerce as a made-to-measure company, exploring the pros and cons of this unique niche. Gain insights into maximizing visibility, optimizing customer experiences, and navigating challenges in the digital marketplace. Don't miss this opportunity to learn strategies for success in e-commerce tailored to your bespoke business.
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Tailored events for e-commerce entrepreneurs

Who is this talk for?

The e-commerce talk events cater to e-commerce entrepreneurs who are poised to take their ventures to the next level. Those who have already navigated the initial phases of establishing their online businesses and are now seeking advanced strategies, insights, and innovative ideas to scale their operations, optimize their processes, and expand their market reach. Second, the talk is equally relevant for those who are just beginning their journey in the world of e-commerce. Aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to dive into the digital marketplace will find a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance to help them take their first steps with confidence. This segment of the audience will benefit from foundational knowledge on e-commerce trends, essential startup tips, and motivational success stories that demonstrate what is possible with the right.
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A dedication for sharing knowledge and finding likeminded connections

E-commerce talks at Studio Calypso

E-commerce talks are a free event series with limited capacity at Studio Calypso in Paardenmarkt 20, 2000 Antwerp.  Doors open at 19:00 for drinks.  The talk starts each time at 19:30 and takes about 30 minutes.  After the talk at 20:00 you are more then welcome to stay for a drink and chat with researchers in the e-commerce market. From Strategic Design to Mastering Online Success, join us for insightful discussions and expert-led workshops. Explore the pros and cons of different platforms and uncover the best fit for your business needs. Learn cutting-edge approaches for e-commerce excellence and unlock the secrets to sustainable growth.
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Upcoming events June 2024


Strategic Design Approaches for E-commerce Excellence

Talk by Tessa Persoons, Co-founder Lobster Design Studio

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Casting and Production Essentials for E-commerce Success

Talk by Julius Poole, Casting and Creative Producer

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Upcoming events July 2024


Marketing Strategy Essentials for Growth Success

Talk by Valerie Koltsidas, Marketing Strategist at Studio Calypso

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Engage and Convert: Social Media Ads for E-Commerce

Talk by Steven Maes, Founder, Creative Director at Studio Calypso

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Upcoming events September 2024


Visual Excellence: Graphic Web Design in E-commerce

Talk by Jade Janssen, Founder at See You In Spring agency

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Driving E-commerce Growth: Essential Marketing Strategies for Success

Talk by Valerie Koltsidas, Marketing Strategist at Studio Calypso

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Upcoming events Oktober 2024


Unleashing Potential: Social Media Success Strategies for E-commerce

Talk by Charlotte Van Heurck, Social Media Strategist at Studio Calyspo

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Unlocking Success: Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp Email Marketing Showdown

Talk by Nathan Boost, Digital Strategist at Studio Calypso

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Tailored specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs

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